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Laser technology

Laser technology has become increasingly popular in the medical field. Developments in technology and technique have yielded laser treatments for a wide variety of skin conditions, among other medical applications, such as vision correction. We use 3 different lasers at our clinic for the correction of undesirable skin irregularities: SmartXide DOT Laser, an Alexandrite Laser and Neodym YAG Laser.

SmartXide DOT Laser

The SmartXide DOT is a great innovation for patients who would like to do a bit more for their skin's texture or for the folds or lines these treatments can't address. It is also an excellent choice for patients who prefer a non-injection solution for skin rejuvenation.

Clinic “Brasil” is able to offer you the best technology in this new class of light based treatments: ablative fractional CO2 laser therapy. The SmartXide DOT combines the low downtime and safety profile of fractional techniques with effectiveness approaching that of traditional ablative CO2 laser - the gold standard in skin resurfacing. By using carbon dioxide, this new technique safely breaks down old dysfunctional collagen and discoloration and triggers new, robust collagen synthesis. The skin thickens, its appearance improves and it becomes much healthier.

There are a vast range of patients we can safely treat, including those with distressing acne scarring or severe wrinkles. We can also treat patients with early photo-aging such as sun spots, textural issues including fine lines, crêpe-like wrinkling, loss of elasticity and enlarged pores.The SmartXide DOT also works perfectly around the eye, an area that typically has been hard to satisfactorily treat.

Alexandrite laser

Alexandrite laser technology uses the selective photothermolysis approach, meaning that a timed pulse of an energy-filled laser beam channels through the surface of the skin to the the targeted treatment area. The laser is converted to heat energy in order to dissolve the unwanted skin cells or hair follicle. The laser is tunable, so its power can be adjusted based on the condition being treated. The alexandrite uses a shorter wavelength than other laser types, enabling the alexandrite to be more rapidly and intensely absorbed by melanin and the follicles of fine hairs.

Hair Removal

Laser treatment has shifted hair removal from lasers, tweezers, and electrolysis to destroying the hair with energy beams. The alexandrite is most popularly known for its use in hair removal treatments, and is the most widely used laser technology for this purpose. The alexandrite is especially effective on fine and light hair, since the laser energy is so easily absorbed by the melanin pigment in hair. For thicker and darker hair, settings are adjusted for optimal performance. An entire back can be treated for hair removal in only 30 minutes.

Other Uses
The alexandrite laser is also used to treat visible spider veins and other veins in the legs. It is also being developed to treat kidney stones.

Neodym YAG Laser
We use this kind of laser for gentle and permanent removal of dark hair: on the legs or in the bikini zone or women's moustache. Procedure: After putting on appropriate protective eye glasses, areas of approximately five cm2 are treated with individual light impulses. Application of contact gel to the skin is also necessary. Treatment is usually slightly painful; it feels like the snapping of a rubber band against the skin. Generally, several treatment sessions are necessary (approximately five) before the hair is permanently removed.